Core Blades are the flagship piece of equipment for the Roundbox movement. A metal weighted handle and strands of carefully measured material (the blades) offer limitless movements that stretch and strengthen the entire body.

Though all of the weight and resistance is located in the handle, the blades are what make the Core Blades incredibly effective at enhancing organic movement. 3-foot strands of material provide visual and audible feedback during movements. The body is stretched and rejuvenated by keeping the ribbons flowing. Acceleration causes the ribbons to snap as speed, power, and lean muscle mass are increased.



Power Arc largerThese sturdy weighted beams develop strength and power in ranges inaccessible to traditional training implements. The rotational and arcing movements target muscles and motions key for performance outside the gym walls.

The unique and dynamic load of the Power Arc has a remarkably different effect than standard weight lifting. As the beam rises off the ground, the load gradually decreases, allowing the body to accelerate, relax, and fully extend.

The interchangeable handles, Gauntlet & Trident, deliver numerous power and strengthening movements which not only replaces standard barbell exercises (bench press, squats, olympic lifts), but also eliminates the negative aspects of lifting heavy weights. With a lower learning curve and drastically reduced soreness, the Power Arc accelerates gains and minimizes pain.



Traditional lower body movements neglect one of the most important parts of the kinetic chain, the feet. This leads to overdevelopment of quads and hamstrings and strength that fails to transfer to actual movement.

The simple and elegant design of The Ramp adds functionality and athleticism to traditional training. The elevated and slanted surface activates and strengthens the entire foot and ankle complex.

Inclusion of foot and ankle, training on The Ramp lends itself to injury recovery and athleticism. Involving the entire body reduces pain and discomfort associated with traditional lunges and squats. Increased range of motion, coupled with plyometric drills, leads to increased speed, agility, and power.





The Racecar offers smooth and dynamic movement in ranges untapped by standard training. Whether supported by the Anchor or free standing, this simple circular device can offer flexibility, strength, and power throughout the lower body.  

Initially conceived as a rehabilitation tool, The Racecar was designed to target the often neglected region of the hips. Long, flowing movements activate and rejuvenate dormant and damaged muscles of the hip. The Racecar can serve as a warm-up for healthy athletes as well as a rehabilitation tool for those coming off an injury.

As with all Roundbox equipment, the Racecar can easily tap into intensity and athleticism. With a more aggressive approach to the movement, the hips and legs are subject to an incredible amount of force and load. This not only leads to quick and substantial lean muscle gains, but also speed and power in movements essential to performance.

The patented lid system transforms the Racecar into a multi-directional core training device.  Unlike other implements (ab wheels, etc), it can strengthen and move the core in all planes of motion. Sideways, diagonal, and arcing movements enhance and develop the core in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.




The Anchor wall serves as the foundation of the Roundbox Movement. With the variety and strategic location of the Anchor, all areas of the body can be targeted for complete performance training. Its sturdy and well-engineered handles can be used in conjunction with other implements to deliver flexibility, strength, and power.

Several aspects of the Anchor wall make it incredibly adept at increasing mobility and alleviating aches and pains. The wall mounted handles enable athletes to support as little or as much of their body weight as they choose.  This encourages gradual, safe supported movements into untapped motions and muscles.

The very same attributes that lend themselves to rejuvenation make the Anchor wall a vessel for high-end performance. The stainless steel horns offer several gripping options for explosive upper body movements and easy attachment of resistance bands. These anchor points provide an unwavering foothold as athletes push, pull, and accelerate at full speed power.