President & Founder of Roundbox Fitness, Curt Ligot, began his work in the fitness industry in 1999. His clientele has included adolescents, professionals, elite athletes, and senior citizens. Striving to deliver the best possible results, Curt collaborated with his clients’ physical therapists, chiropractors, and coaches and saw the glaring disconnect between fitness, athletics, and longevity.

Although client workouts looked great on paper, Curt found they were not helping in a holistic and comprehensive manner. Focusing solely on strength and conditioning didn’t address the clients’ aches and pains, and strict attention to recovery and injuries wasn’t enough for fitness and athleticism to flourish.

With this knowledge, Curt’s mission was to learn how to merge the world of longevity and intensity. After years of numerous workshops, certifications, and hands-on research, Curt came to the alarming conclusion that no single system could provide a solution for what his clientele desperately needed. Therefore, he realized that it would be necessary to create the system himself.



After years of research and development, the Roundbox movement was born. Utilizing unique movements and proprietary equipment, this revolutionary system delivers elite fitness and athletics while strengthening and healing joints.

Existing fitness equipment has limitations and traditional methods don’t capture the full potential of the human body’s movements. Therefore, Curt turned to Lasermach, Inc., the Pacific Northwest’s premier laser machine shop that is owned and operated by his family.

The Ligot Family has been instrumental in the creation of Roundbox movement. The company’s innovative and resourceful approach has spawned all of Roundbox’s proprietary equipment. Utilizing raw materials and a state of the art method, Lasermach has developed a full arsenal of equipment that delivers the total Roundbox experience. Decades of experience combined with engineering prowess, they continue to produce cutting edge and industry-changing fitness and performance devices.